Fee Schedule

The fees below are for properties that more or less conform to the local market. Fees may be higher for complex, high-end, acreage or rush appraisals. Order an appraisal   

Single Family Residence $600.00
Condominium $600.00
Rush Appraisals- SFR or Condo (1 day turn-time) $700.00
2-4 Unit (Multifamily) $900.00
2055 Exterior Inspection Form $425.00
2055 Interior Inspection Form $500.00
Field Review $425.00
Desk Review $300.00
Desktop Appraisal $300.00
Comparable Rent Schedule(1007) $200.00
Operating Income Statement(216) $100.00
Recertification of Value $250.00
Satisfactory Completion Certificate $200.00
Comparable Sales for tax appeal $100.00

No Show Fee

Appraisals over $1,000,000 & acreage properties call for quote



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